About us

At Truly Reborn Dolls, Your Doll Is Family
It is our pleasure to be able to share our love with you. 
Our Philosophy
Truly Reborn Dolls believes in having fun, living life to the fullest. myrebornbabydoll.com is a website dedicated to reborn baby dolls. We have professional painters who paint newborn babies.

You can find the most realistic baby dolls. Our types of dolls include silicone baby, reborn baby girl, reborn toddlers, newborn baby dolls, premmie baby dolls, reborn boy doll, reborn doll kits, twin baby dolls, (we only sell the reborn baby doll, do not sell creepy baby dolls).

Why choose us?
Of course, this is always a concern. We never brag about ourselves. Customers who choose us all like our following features :
1. The Reborn Baby Dolls we provide is different from other sellers. You can check the other sellers who sell them same as us, they are expensive and fake reborn dolls. They cheat you to claim that their dolls are full silicone. No! the truth they don't tell you is that the full silicone babies at least 1000 dollars. Our dolls were made by soft vinyl, not very squishy. You can move their arms and legs but not very wildly. About the function of the dolls, they cannot move, blink,drink or eat.NO PRIVATE PART.They can be put into water, so you can bath it.Some dolls have heartbeat you can search on our website.
2. I know that the other sellers have the same as ours. I understand this, and their reviews is very bad, but this does not mean that our craftsmanship is bad, because our factory is completely different from them.The road to pursuing quality has always been bumpy.
3. To help everyone alleviate the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19, From now we have many discounts and be sure that cheaper than other sellers.
4.We provide excellent customer service.
5.We have a lot of praise from customers from all over the world.